Light-hearted designs for the social expression market
It's My Birthday
And I Can Ignore It If I Want To
You're 100% entitled to be unbothered on your special day. Just send a warning card ahead of time to inform everyone to back off.
Available for licensing or purchase. If you need more greeting cards in the same vein, get in touch.
As a humorist, I solve communication problems with lighthearted visual humor. 
I work on briefs for clients and license my existing designs across several product areas. 
If you have a project in mind, welcome! Get in touch and schedule a Zoom call to discuss it.
Frozen Gents
Tips and Tricks for Snow Folks
A winter collection presenting modern snowmen's topics of interest - snowmen's style, grooming, fitness, and more.
Available for purchase, licensing, or commission of additional Frosties.
May The Ugly Sweater Season Be With You
Evil spirits are sensitive creatures with an eye for style. Put an ugly sweater on, scare them away and secure happy holidays and a wonderful new year!
We accept orders for the most horrendous sweater designs all year round.
Available for licensing or purchase.
Saturday Night Fever
We introverts just wanna have fun. Knitting needles and some pretty yarn is all we need on Saturday night.
Available for licensing or purchase.
Oh, Oh, Oh
Why wait until Valentine's Day to express some sweet affection? This sing-along ram is eager to brighten up your sweetheart's day - today!
Sing-Along Ram is available for licensing or purchase as a stand-alone or a part of the Valentine Zoo collection.
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