Nice to meet you!
As a dramaturge and illustrator, I turn the essentials into playful and easy-to-understand visuals.

🔔 closing puns for e-mails and newsletters

🔔 illustrated highlights for long-form content

🔔​​​​​​​ cartoon-style YouTube and podcast summaries
Are you available for new commissions?
It depends on the scope of the project!
You're welcome to book a 15-minute Zoom call to have a conversation.
You can also reach out to me at irena (at) or contact me on Linked In.
Can I use your existing visuals for my business?

You can license specific illustrations from my portfolio for commercial use by reaching out to me at irena (at) 
Talks and presentations – 20 EUR per image. You may use it in your online and offline talks and presentations for one year.
 Website or newsletter – 50 EUR per image. You're welcome to use it once in a newsletter and on an ongoing basis on your website.
 Corporate blog/ Sponsored posts/ Native marketing / Paid social media – 70 EUR per image. You can use it on an ongoing basis on your website or as sponsored posts and paid social media.
Personal blogs and social media – You're welcome to freely share my illustrations and comics. No need to ask! Just credit 'Irena Krcelic' and link back to my website Thanks!
In all cases, I hold onto all copyrights and you can't resell my work.

Can I use your illustrations for my private social media account?
Sure! Contact me to request a password to access my catalog of ready-made visuals. You're welcome to use them for non-commercial purposes. 
When using my work on social media, please credit 'Irena Krcelic' and link back to Thanks!
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