Science Alert
Newly Discovered Species
Seeing dinosaurs everywhere? You must be a superhero with a T-Rex vision! Fulfill your destiny and entertain us by turning things into crazy dinos.
Available for purchase, licensing, or commission of new dino discoveries.
Puzzle Pieces
Little Buggers
Puzzle pieces are like people. They have their quirks and personalities. The more you get to know them, the less you care about actually solving the puzzle.
Contact us to complete 1000 piece collection.
Available for purchase, licensing, or commission of new puzzle pieces.
Ferris Wheel
A True Story
A perfect visual to explain what to expect during any creative project. Order here.
Available for purchase or licensing.
First Time Skiing
The Ultimate Check-List
Giraffes can’t ski? Heck, no! Everything's possible with the right mindset and a good checklist. Surprise yourself with amazing opportunities, or order a custom scenario.
Available for licensing, purchase, or commission of a comic in a similar vein. 
Monkey Mind Comic
Confessional Comic Strip
Jen has a pet in her life. Or is it a pest? Anyhow, he's cute and annoying at the same time, but impossible not to love! Monkey Mind Comis comes standalone or in full series. Up to you. Contact us here.
Available for licensing or commission of new Monkey Mind adventures.
Cat Guru
Cats amplify life. It’s a fact. They're here to highlight the mundane and turn it into a memorable experience. And there’s no shortage of cat lovers out there. 
Ask for a purrrfect cat illustration or a collection.
Available for licensing or purchase.
Spectacular Business Advice Coasters
Help out your favorite artist with some solid business advice
The topics of personal finances tend to be burdensome, so why not let the coasters do the speaking? By all means, serve your drinks with a piece of solid business advice!
Available for licensing, purchase, or commission of additional business advice.
I Want to Begglieve
What I Saw Last Night Was Real
Begglieve in whatever you want, but know it's OK to express yourself with bold statements and wacky puns.  Communicate your crazy ideas with us. We're happy to match them with fun images.
Available for licensing or purchase.
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