With a playful style and dramaturgy background, I write and illustrate for niche audiences.
Facts to remember
Good grief! Are your facts as dry as a summer baseball field? Let me breathe life into them, turning tedious trivia into vibrant visuals like a home run.
Visual summaries
When facing tough problems, count on me to brighten things up. I'm at my best creating cheerful illustrations that showcase resilience. Let's spread hope and smiles all around!
Comics for social media
Fed up with stock images and bland Canva designs? Reach out for custom comics or request a password to browse my catalog of ready-made visuals, giving your content a unique touch.
Hand-drawn puns 
Memes are a blast, but not always brand-friendly! For tailored visual humor, try my 'Funny Hour' service, where we brainstorm niche-specific puns together.
Interested in working with me? Schedule a 15-minute Zoom call.
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